Karna’s Wife

Who could have averted the bloody battle of Kurikshetra? Krishna? Bhishma Pitamah? Dhritirashtra? Or Kunti? Read More


Dan Brown. The brain behind The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol, offers another thrilling story called Inferno that has the touch of History, Mythology, Crime and Mystery. Having read his previous books, I consider picking up his next book for reading as a safe bet. Obviously I still haven’t got a chance to Read More

Playing It My Way

SACHINNNNN SACHINNNN! I am writing the review of this book for a few reasons. 1. The Man in this book is my idol, my demigod, my inspiration, somebody from whom I want to imbibe values and learn the art of humility. 2. He is, by default, the most loved Indian sportsman. Yes. I have no Read More

Private India

First things first. Before you read my book review of Private India written by Ashwin Sanghi, I need to clear out two IMPORTANT things. 1. I am one of the huge fans of Ashwin Sanghi, the writer. 2. I am not biased while reviewing his books. Cool. So coming back to Private India, it is Read More

The Mahabharat Secret

Readers, Today, we all read about how to write a thriller. Requirements are as follows: 1. A plot of best selling book by a Videsi (International) best selling author 2. A touch of mythology. 3. Some fine knowledge of history. 4. A few desi (Indian) characters, a few firang (out of India) characters. 5. A Read More

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