He Lost His Mobile And…

An advisory note for the bookworms and the potential bookworms: If at all, anyone wishes to explore new books (read: experiment with new authors or genre) then I have a perfect checklist to make their choices easier. So here it goes: One. The author is a debutante. Two. The author is a Puneite. And three. Read More

Menaka’s Choice

First things first. Kavita Kane, the author who previously penned Karna’s Wife and Sita’s Sister deserves a huge round of applause for her latest book Menaka’s Choice. If you assume that this book too, talks from a feminist’s point of view then you may need to read the book and correct yourself. This book is Read More

Play With Me

Before I start writing the review about this book, I would like to make it clear that this book (touted as India’s first erotic thriller) contains contents for readers above the age of 18. I hope that makes it clear that kids should not pick up this book read. So, this book by Ananth who Read More

The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret

First things first, the author Christopher C. Doyle deserves a pat on his back for the improvement in his quality of storytelling. It’s no secret that his first book The Mahabharata Secret wasn’t as exciting as expected. In my personal opinion, I had even contemplated giving up his book mid-way. After reading his previous book, Read More

Ajaya: The Rise of Kali (Epic of the Kaurava Clan, #2)

A wise man once said, “There are three versions of a story – the winner’s version, the loser’s version and the truth.” However, what happens when we read the winner’s and the loser’s version? Who is telling the truth? Whom do we believe? Another wise man once said, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Sometimes, even Read More

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