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So here’s the thing about Krishna Udayasankar’s characters. They are not perfect; they are not knights in shining armours. They are not the goody-good stereotypical Adarsh people. Most importantly, they are neither stain-free nor flawless. And that, my friend, makes her characters relatable. They are so engaging that the readers find themselves stepping into the Read More

UNNS – The Captivation

This is the second time I got the opportunity to get my hands on Sapan Saxena’s book. The young author who has enjoyed quite an excellent debut with his book Finders, Keepers, now tries to charm his audience with UNNS – The Captivation. Does he succeed? Does he live up to his readers’ expectations? He Read More


Before I start my review, I think I should make a confession. Krishna Udayasankar, the brain behind Immortal, deserves my apology. Her book and talent was highly underestimated. (Not to mention the error in judgement about her gender. Trust me, names can be misleading.) It took me a while to notice about her being a Read More

He Lost His Mobile And…

An advisory note for the bookworms and the potential bookworms: If at all, anyone wishes to explore new books (read: experiment with new authors or genre) then I have a perfect checklist to make their choices easier. So here it goes: One. The author is a debutante. Two. The author is a Puneite. And three. Read More

The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret

First things first, the author Christopher C. Doyle deserves a pat on his back for the improvement in his quality of storytelling. It’s no secret that his first book The Mahabharata Secret wasn’t as exciting as expected. In my personal opinion, I had even contemplated giving up his book mid-way. After reading his previous book, Read More

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