>Where did this come from?

>An air of caution:

Before anybody reads this post, I would like to warn you not to take it in a bad taste. I wish to apologize to all the people who are mentioned below and whose works are stated below. Also, do not rate this post unless you have read it completely. And finally, do not assume it to be one of my genre or forte.

Ok, so here goes my blog. It has been ages since I could write something. Now this one isn’t anything thought-provoking. It’s just… Don’t know. I leave it upto the readers.

So finally, I had a great workfree Sunday. I just needed to do any damned thing on earth to kill time. Even if it was watching a movie. And maybe fate played a game that I could get tickets of just one movie, “Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai”. (Rest all had ‘house full’ board on the ticket counters. Ain’t sure if they were true.) Of course, I had guts to see movies like KANK, Dostana and the baap of all, Naqaab. So it was pretty brave of me to watch JKSAH.

But after watching the movie, I owe an apology. I owe an apology to each and every member who has been the part of this movie. You guys have been the nth persons on this earth to prove me wrong. (Of course, the first people while watching any movies have been the “adorable” people in the film industry namely, trade pundits, media, analysts and last but not the least, ‘reviews’.)

According to me, the toughest job in the film industry is to review the movies and rate them with twinkling stars. Oh come on. Most of the times I don’t see them giving reviews through audience’s perspective. Instead I find them a bunch of funny vampires who are ready to unleash their teeth and suck the blood, sweat and the hardwork of the people involved in it.

Ok. So they are doing their jobs and I really appreciated their hardwork of sitting in an AC multiplex’s most comfortable seat, warming their b*****ks, sleeping their way till the interval, filling up their tabloids with cliched matter and a mixture of flowery words which goes bouncer and bonkers off the readers’ heads.

Ah! Come on guys. It’s time that you guys get lenient over the industry that works hard day and night to entertain the common man (who seeks entertainment in general, if not a complete ‘vasool’ of money). There have been times when the reviewers have made grave mistakes while rating a movie. (I wouldn’t like to name them though.)

Coming back to JKSAH, looking at the 1-1.5 star ratings given by the critics, I was mentally prepared to bear the movie. But after leaving the theatre, I was sad (because the reviews were so misguiding). I must confess, I had to eat my words. I was pretty satisfied, smiling. (And I am sure my hardcore review friends Dada and Aatish felt the same.)

The movie has a story (which I am sure you might have read it in each and every newspaper review columns). The movie features actors and actresses (which I am sure you might have read it in each and every newspaper review columns). The movie has it’s pros and cons (which again, I am sure you might have read it in each and every newspaper review columns). So I wouldn’t really like to waste your time by repeating them again and again. But if you look through my eyes, all that is visible is the sincerity, honesty and praiseful work done by Riteish Desmukh, Jacqueline Fernandez, Ruslaan Mumtaaz, Sonal Sehgal, Vishal Malhotra and of course my favourite Farah Khan, (She is the most honest person onscreen and offscreen. She carries her real life character of arrogance with grace, courtesy Indian Idol.)

What surprises me the most is the crisp editing of this movie. Never does it feel like the movie is a drag! Well… That’s my review. I am too small and inexperienced to rate this movie with stars. But someday I hope that every man waits with open arms to catch his woman of dreams from Venus.

Kudos to the actors and actresses of this movie. And last but not the least, a pat on the shoulders of the man called Milap Milan Zaveri who has carried out this film with grace.

That’s it for now. Time to sleep and fight the nightmares starring the people and reviewers who take this post in a bad taste.. Hehehe.

Passion and Compassion

Everytime we step out of our houses, the mind senses a bizzare euphoria. Each step forward… and the burden of expectations keeps increasing. If it’s a walk towards temple, the expectation to commit less sins increases. If it’s a walk to the park, the expectation to stay fit increases. If it’s a walk towards our work places, the expectation to achieve better results increases. If it’s a walk towards meeting our friends and families, the expectation to make them feel special increases. And so on… But I always hunt for an answer, how much do we strive hard to keep fulfilling our expectations.

“Fulfilling expectations is not just about achieving targets. It’s more about mastering the art of balancing the many facets of day-to-day activities. It is more like walking across the Niagra falls on a thin rope with a pole stick of expectations in hand. The finishing end depicts the goals while the rock deep bottom depict the people or elements that want to pit you down.” – (ref. The Pink Slip)

While writing this blog I came across two particular words that got etched in my memory. “Passion” and “Compassion”. The meaning between both these words are miles apart but somewhere down the line they are interconnected.

“Shower your compassion with passion and follow your passion with compassion.” – (ref. The Pink Slip)

If I have to choose the best line I may have written or the best lesson that I have learnt till date then the above statement tops my charts. Consider the following scenarios to justify my statement.

Shower your compassion with passion.

There are people in our lives whom we love more than ourselves. We categorize them into family, friends and lovers. It’s natural that we shower our affection and love for them till fullest. But to be honest enough, our affection and love for them lasts only till they live upto our expectations. And to be more honest, we raise our bars of expectations from them skywards with every passing time. But the flaw is that the compassion, the affection and the love fizzles out with them being unable to live upto it.

Consider this: A parent showers compassion generously on its child by giving materialistic gifts, worldly pleasures, etc. with a hope that the child will study well, get good marks, top the grades, studying in IIMs and IITs, etc. But once the child fails to carry the burden, the compassion turns into hatred, agony, angst and many degrading emotions. A sportsman wins sports, wins laurels for the country, becomes an idol for his/her country fellows and carries a burden of expectations of billions of people. Suddenly, he/she hits the rough patch. His admirers turn into the people who loathe him/her. And soon, the national hero turns into a villain.

The result: The child lacks motivation during his/her testing times and loses the way. The sportsman’s life goes haywire. Negativity engulfs the child and the sportsman. And the rest is history.

What needs to be done is being passionate above motivating the child. What needs to be done is being passionate about stemming the faith in the sportsman to hit the purple patch.

I am glad to see parents and sports coaches who say, “I am proud of my child/student even though he has failed. Atleast he/she has given me a proof that he/she has tried.” Success and Failure are temporary. Attitude is permanent.”

Follow your passion with compassion.

Let us be honest to ourselves, most of us feel about being at a wrong place at a wrong time. Most of us are trapped in doing wrong jobs for the wrong people. We work as a slave of money. Instead of treating money as an incentive, we treat money as a motive. At some point of time, we get exhausted and we realise that we lacked passion in our work. Sometimes being over passionate backfires. They say too much is too bad, being too much passionate leads to obsession and fatal finale. It is better to keep our passions into check.

Consider this:It is my personal experience. For me, doing business was an incentive but writing was a passion. But juggling between both the activities took a toll on my health. I became over passionate to earn enough bucks as fast as possible. At the same time, I became over passionate to churn out articles, poems, stories as fast as possible.

The result: I couldn’t achieve my business targets. My graph as a writer went downwards. And I hit a recession and a writer’s-bloc almost at the same time. I lacked passion in expanding business. I lacked passion in writing again. The reason… For being over passionate and mainly for turning passion into obsession.

It’s three years since I got out of my worst phase. I am thankful for my failures. It taught me some valuable lessons. It taught me how haste is waste. It taught me how jack of all traders makes master of none.

One simple way of beating the worst phase is TAKE A BREAK. If you know you cannot do it, just don’t do it. Like our body, our soul too needs a break. STAY SILENT AND CALM. Like sportsmen say, form is temporary but class is permanent. Don’t feel ashamed of failing. Feel proud of not giving up.

I hope these candles of passion and compassion stay lit forever in your lives.


>Its close to midnight and I am still searching around for my thinking cap to turn my thoughts into visible words. In these 24 odd years, I have picked up bits and pieces of the lessons taught by life with a hope to share with you, the reader. Critics think I am a rookie or an amateur when it comes to writing. While my loved ones, near and dear ones (and also those who are stranger to me but still feel connected to me through my writings) think that I am a pro. But my only reply to them is a word of thanks for taking out time to assess my works. All I have got to say is that I am still learning. And learning is not a solution towards problems but a process towards solutions. And who is a better teacher than pain!

Only a liar will say that he doesn’t know what is pain. The simple reason is that pain is the part and parcel of life. The only difference is the viewpoint, how a person views pain. Do you look pain as a curse or do you look it as a lesson? The bottom line is how you view pain moulds your character.

Lets have a jamming session about pain. There are different kinds of pain. And there are different definitions found in thesauras and dictionaries by Oxford, Cambridge, Merriam and Websters, Wikipedia, etc. The sensation is the same though the sources of pain are different and sometimes weird too. How do we categorize pain? Pain of loneliness? Pain of frustration? Pain of loss? Pain of failure? Pain of jealousy? Pain of humiliation? Pain of heartbreak? Did I say heartbreak? Hmmm…

In these 24 years of living a life, like every common man, I too have experienced various kinds of pain. Some that were shared and some that remained unshared, locked deep within the depths of heart. I too have closed some of those kinds, tightly inside a Pandora’s box. I guess some things are meant to remain that way. But then my only question that remains unanswered is about how to get rid of it. Why is it necessary to carry the pain like an excess baggage while living a life? Why do we look carrying pain as an act of compulsion rather than a lesson while leading a life? How many of us have felt connected by a common thread called pain? I am sure most of the people who have read this post or who are reading it feel connected.

If we conduct a research on the power of pain, we can create loads of thesis about the power of pain. Most of us, look at pain like a curse. Call it politics, sports, business, personal or thousands of other venues, we can still find out easily about the power of pain. The thing that sets apart is the mode of pain. Such is the power of pain that it can lead to avenge, it can lead towards vices or to be worst it can lead towards destruction, may it be mass destruction or self destruction. But is this the only reason why we are living a life? Is this a compulsion to carry pain like an excess baggage?

It’s upto us how we want to take pains in understanding pain. Nobody else can help other than ourselves to heal our pain. Instead of making pain as a crutch to which we hold on to lead the rest of our lives, it is easier to make pain our weapon… a weapon of knowledge that can help us learn important lessons. A weapon that can help others to avoid commit mistakes that we ever made. A weapon that can be a source of inspiration for all those known ones and strangers who find it difficult to cope up with it.

If you want to feel and unleash the power of pain over others then show them the power by healing their pain. If it is not possible then show them the power by enduring the pain caused by others. The best way to show the power of pain is by forgiving the source of pain. Because no source of pain shall live without guilt once it realizes that you have forgiven them. And that shall be the day when you become the master. A master that conquered the pain by erasing the word called “Pain”.

>Breaking The Barriers

>Before I begin to write something, I would like to highlight this particular thought that ran across my mind, “A man is no different than a beast unless he’s honest with himself.”

I have something to be honest about. I have been suffering from a writer’s bloc since quite a sometime. And this has been a reason for leaving my blog stale. Technically speaking, I do not expect a common man to understand the meaning of writer’s bloc. But an avid reader or a compulsive writer can understand what it really means. It is basically known as a writer’s cancer, simply because the thoughts, the feelings, the ideas inside a writer’s mind turn dead. There are thousands of symptoms of cancer. Similarly, the writer’s bloc has many symptoms. The most common symptoms are lack of interest, negative feedback, same ideas to write about, monotonuous reading or writing and over-experimentation with something that you are not good at.

But now, I plan to fight my writer’s bloc state and decide to concentrate on breaking the barriers that are hampering me to serve my wellwishers with something good to read about. There may be hundreds of writers with better potential than mine who could be suffering from writer’s bloc. I just wish to convey that it isn’t the end of the road. This particular lesson was taught by my online mentors:

“Writer’s bloc is inevitable. No body can stop it. Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Austen, Dumas and all other renowned writers have passed through this phase in their lives. If they couldn’t stop it, who are you to do so? Instead of cursing yourself for suffering this condition, take it as a blessing. It’s not a disease to be ashamed of. It is not a permanent condition. It is just a passing stage of life. It is your mind’s way of saying that you need a break from your thoughts. If you need a break, take it! But do not over-stress or force yourself to write if you cannot. Do not compromise with the quality of your works. Catch up doing things that you missed. Listen to the music of your favourite genre. Concentrate on other stuffs. Get inspiration from the surroundings, may it be nature, people or lifeless figures. Most important thing, do not lose hope… Because at the end of a dark tunnel, there’s always a ray of light. Last but not the least, you do not need to have superpowers to become a hero… because in some or the other way, You Are A Hero.”

So today, I stand up… to rejuvenate my thoughts… to fight against this writer’s cancer and most importantly… for “Breaking The Barriers”.

>The Pursuit of Happ’y’ness

>Ok guys. Time for some introspection. When I use the word ‘pursuit’, I don’t really mean ‘pursuing’… I mean ‘chasing’! Now I wonder, why have I given special reference to ‘y’ in happ’y’ness? The answer lies in the question. Everytime I chase some things (goals, targets) I just go for it or leave it midway. But whatever maybe the outcome of my chase, I always ask ‘why’. And thats the reason why ‘y’ deserves a special mention.

Ever thought of chasing something that could give you happ’y’ness? Ever pursued a career that could give you happ’y’ness? Ever fought with the world, for someone you loved so deeply that could give you happ’y’ness? Ever sacrificed aims, dreams and ambitions for the sake of others happ’y’ness? If your is answer is yes, then I guess at some or the other point of lifetime you might be questioning yourself why.

Poor have been chasing money to gain happiness. Rich have been chasing ‘more’ money to buy ‘more’ happiness. Laymen have been chasing knowledge to unlock the doors of happiness. Scholars have been chasing ‘more’ knowledge to gain ‘more’ happiness than others. Politicians are trying to conquer countries to gain happiness. Terrorists are trying to conquer the world to gain ‘more’ happiness. Spiritual gurus resort to practices like meditation to attain happiness. Black magicians resort to ‘more’ practices to attain ‘more’ happiness.

By realizing the truth about happiness, I realize one fact. The root of all goods and evils is happiness. If it is so, then why is the world so engrossed in The Pursuit Of Happ’y’ness?

>Happy Places

>Hello Dost log,

Now, this topic is quite kiddish. I know what you guys might be wondering. How can a writer, of a decent calibre, choose a topic which suits better to the kids of primary schools? Well, this topic is my tribute to my buddy, Dada. It was his idea of penning a book that was related to happy places. Before I move further, I would like to make a point clear. This topic and idea solely belongs to Dada. I have just tried to lay a foundation stone to build up his idea.

Coming to the Happy Places, what does it mean actually? If we actually try to figure out this concept, we can recall many things right from our childhood. When we hadn’t even entered the world, our mother’s womb was supposed to be our ‘happy place’. It’s because our sub conscious mind felt safe and secured. When we grew up and we never knew the actual world, our homes were known as ‘happy places’. It’s because we had mother and father to take care of us, we had grandparents who would entertain us with stories, we had siblings with whom we could play for the lifetime.

But, as the time unfurled, our ‘happy places’ kept expanding. It just got wider and better. Take an example, when we were kids, we hated going to schools and we were eager to go to colleges. We came to colleges and we were eager to work and earn money. We landed up doing our jobs, we earned money and we thought of getting settled with spouse and kids. The time passed away but still our lust for mental peace, happiness and satisfaction never died.

Many of us have been passing through this phase like every common man. Before going to school, our homes were our ‘happy place’ because it brought a smile on our faces, everytime we were entertained by our family members. Before entering college, our schools were ‘happy place’ because it reminded us of the fun days that we spent with our school friends and teachers. Time passed and we landed up settling in our jobs and business and our ‘happy place’ changed to college because that was where we learnt bunking lectures, sipping chai and coffee, munching dosas, taking ‘pangas’ with our rival mates. Next, we retire from work, settle with kids and at the eve of our lives we die to go back to the places where we first met our love, where we spent time during our courtship period. But one thing still remains constant, we still crave to visit our ‘happy places’ because our lust for smiling without worries simply doesn’t get quenched.

Ever noticed why we call our favourite spots as ‘happy places’? Simple hai yaara, it’s because those are the places that free us from the negativity present in our lives. Those are the places that make us forget our current hectic lives. It’s very simple to recollect our ‘happy places’, just make a list of your favourite hangouts where you visited often but at present you are craving to go back. One of my happy places are the CCDs that I used to visit during my college days. I could spend hours out there, sipping loads of cups of my favourite black coffee and pen down something worth reading. The other happy place that I can recollect is the stairs near the college. It’s the place where we could kill our time from boredom, sing songs, gossip about affairs of peers. One of my favourite happy place is the Chowpatty beach. It gives me a sense of setting my tired spirit free.

Life is too small to move forward without smiling. So what are you guys waiting for? Have you realised your ‘Happy Places’?

>God loves the babes of Bollywood !!!

>Run-on-the-mill dialogue of a typical bollywood masala movie…
“Nahi!!! Please, mujhe Bhagwan ke liye chhod do!”

Getting any hints why I wrote this line??? Well… Read further…

Honestly speaking, this could be the cheapest topic I would have written in my blog. But I am sorry, I have to write it. Especially after watching these crazy IPL games. Being an Indian, it’s quite easy to follow and cherish cricket as a religion.

Everytime I watch a match, I pray to God, “Oh! C’mon! Not another humdinger, please!” Many of the matches being played have been humdingers with close shaves with defeats. You get absolutely thrilled, experience nervous breakdowns, can’t sit quietly at one place and in most of the cases, experience heart attack too. But the question is why is it always Mumbai Indians team who create hopes and then shatter it.

Of all the close contests that I have witnessed, Mumbai Indians top the charts. May it be the game with King’s XI Punjab (where it lost by a run in the first season and two or three runs in their first encounter in season 2, while chasing a target of 120 runs) or may it be the game versus Rajasthan Royals where the Mumbai Idiots couldn’t hit 4 runs of 6 balls with 3 wickets in hand. In fact they were bowled all out! Shit! What a shame!

But what surprises me, is the common factor between both the teams… Bollywood Babes!!! KXIP is owned by Preity Zinta (Bubbli as per FIP). While, RR is owned by Shilpa Shetty (Big Sister as per FIP). It is also a well known fact that Shilpa Shetty holds 12% stake of RR team.

It seems that God is quite lenient to our Bollywood Babes and answers their prayers quite quickly. Or else, just imagine, which Idiot wouldn’t have been able to hit 4 runs off 6 balls (v/s RR in season 2), 2 runs off 1 ball (v/s KXIP in season 1) and 5 runs off 3 balls (again v/s KXIP in the first encounter in season 2).

I pity the 100 crore Mumbai Indians from all over the world, who pray endlessly for their demi-God, Sachin Tendulkar to win the match… But in the end, it’s the babes of Bollywood who actually get their prayers answered and break into a jig… I guess it’s related to the Bollywood industry. God is impressed by the golden dialogue of the film industry, “Please mujhe Bhagwan ke liye chhod do!!!” That’s the reason why God answers the prayers of these Bollywood Babes in the IPL.

On one side, we have the so-called IPL test team Royal Challengers Bangalore who snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. While one the other hand we have our Mumbai Idiots who experience nervous breakdowns while scripting a thriller.

All I remember is the famous dialogue of Shahrukh Khan,


P.S. Ever wondered why RCB wins thrillers??? You guessed it correct, it has something to do with Bollywood. (Remember Katrina Kaif, the brand ambassador of RCB Team.)

Well… Not sure if IPL is a hit among God… But Bollywood, definately is.

What do you think, huh?

>Fake IPL Names Deciphered

>A matter of fact to be disclosed:
I have nothing to do with this post. The matter in this post does not belong to me. Any grievances and inconveniences are regretted.

Hey guys, this post is of great help for those who are daily readers of Fake IPL Player’s blog. Rumours says that The FIP might be Saurav Sarkar. Well… Who cares about it! Still too many names left to be deciphered.

Visit this blog to know the inside out of IPL-2 : http://www.fakeiplplayer.blogspot.com

Calypso King = Chris Gayle
Castro = Fidel Edwards
Appam Chutiya = Sreeshanth
Lordie = Sourav Ganguly
Lord Almighty = Sourav Ganguly
Aila = Sachin Tendulkar
Little Monster = Sachin Tendulkar
Badshah Dildo = Shah Rukh Khan
Vinnie Dildo = Shah Rukh Khan
Little John = Ishanth Sharma
Style bhai = Murali Kartik
Mangal Pandey = L R Shukla
Prince Charles of Patiala = Yuvraj Singh
Bubblee Bantli = Preity Zinta
Bunty = Ness Wadia
Big Sister = Shilpa Shetty
Little Sister = Shamita Shetty
Deegrah Pathan = Irfan Pathan
Bhookha Naan = John Buchanan
Skipper = Brendon Mccullam
Phoren Babas = Brendon McCullum, John Buchanan
Gilli Danda = Ashok Dinda
Bangla Tiger = Mortaza
Junta Tormentor = Ajanta Mendis
Meera Bhai = Harbajan Singh
Ganji Hanger = Sanjay Bangar
Mr. Batlivala = Vijay Mallaya
Bevdaa = Jessie Ryder
Re-Peter = Kevin Peterson
Peter Ka Beta = Kevin Pietersen
RVR Singh = VRV Singh
Sandy Baddy Babe = Mandira Bedi
Dhakkan coach = Darren Lehmann
Lady Jaya = Mahila Jayawardene
Arnold Power = Ramesh Powar
Springbok = Charl Langeveldt
Ghati Baba = Rohit Sharma
Kishen Kanhaiya = Ravi Shastri
Sheikh/Sultan of Tweak = Shane Warne
Pedophile Priest = Adam Gilchrist
RDB = Ranadeb Bose
Shakespeare = Aakash Chopra
Sparrow / Parrot = Glenn McGrath
Very Very Special Friend Ram = VVS Laxman
Kaan Moolo = Ajit Agarkar
Former India fast bowler who will remain a former India fast bowler = Ajit Agarkar
Buddhiman Baba = Wriddhiman Saha
Sticky Something = Ricky Ponting
Dewar = Rahul Dravid
Big Mac = Mathew Hayden
Chhota Chetan = Cheteshwar Pujara
Panty Curry = Robin Uthapa
Chinnu Popli = Bharat Chipli/Sreevats Goswami
Chikna Pussy = David Hussey
Chirkut Teli = Viraat Kohli
Bubban = Arindam Ghosh
Darwaan of Patiala = Tom Moody
Vakil Saab = Kumar Sangakkara
Saala Slimeball = Lalit Modi
Cool Dude = Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Hanky Panky = Danny Morrison
Kameez Pajama = Rameez Raja
Boy George = Joy Bhattacharjya(KKR Team Director)
Bubblies = Kings IX Punjab
Dhakkans = Daccan Chargers
Rajpoots = Rajasthan Royals
Bevdaas Team = Bangalore Royal Challengers

>Googly of Life

>Well… I know this title seems to be weird. But nowadays the saying has changed, “The weirder… The better”

Well! What do I say actually! Reading the news headlines has really pissed me off to a certain extent. The cases of Neeraj Grover and Aarushi Talwar has become a joke for the nation. On top of it, the controversies surrounding the Big Bang experiment has finally made a laughing stock of those people who created rifts and rumours to stop it from happening. On top of it, deal with a few people and certain situations added as a thorn in my life. These all things really took a toll on my health and I had to do something to curb my frustration.

So last night I finally gathered some courage to pick up my guitar. I heard a song whose lyrics are as follows:

Tum ho to… Gaata hai dil
Tum nahi… To geet kahan
Tum ho to… To hai manzil
Tum nahi… To raah kahan

Well… I don’t know what happened to me later on. But I could feel something going on in my mind and I had to pick up the guitar and just play it off. People tend to deal with unavoidable, unarguable situations and circumstances through different ways. Some do it by crying about past, some do it by smoking or by whining or complaining and some do it in some or the other manner to beat the disturbed conscience.

I do not feel ashamed to confess that I deal with such situations of life by writing or playing guitar. Umm.. Its true that it hurts sometimes. But then atleast I heave a sigh of relief that I do not vent my frustration on other people.

This is what I know as a googly of my life… I can see myself as a batsman who needs to defend the googlies of situations bowled by life. I feel better by this approach. And I guess one should adopt this strategy to deal with the situations in life.

>Bas Yun Hi…

>Consider this…

Early morning… The first ray of sun kissing my face… I get ready to go to my office… New car… A wicked idea… Taking the car along… Nervous hands… Heartbeats pacing at a faster rate than normal… Loud music in car tape… Everything fine while driving… Parking troubles… Finally reaching the destination… All fine by then… Time to go back for lunch… Drive back home… Reach the society… Suddenly…. Screeeeechhhh!!!! And I mess up my new car… Hahahaha…

Well… I guess now I can proudly show off my car’s first scratches to everyone. But overall, it was fun driving the car… Ya.. my car also did the usual ‘jhatkas and matkas’ but considering myself a fresher, I guess I am allowed to do so… Everyone dares to sit in my car except my Mom and Dad. I guess they get scared to travel with me when I drive the car. Mind you… I am not a rash driver. But these people do have a mental block in their minds.

The day was a bit weird than usual. Jain festival being over, everyone was busy attending functions in Mumbai. Like every person, I did the same thing. Attending functions, posing with a fake smile and just look at other people’s face until some known person comes. The worst part I hate about the people around is the way they ‘sensationalize’ certain talks. Oh! Give others a break yaar…

Ultimately the frustration reached a certain level and I found it was time to leave the place for betterment. The best part when I get frustrated is that I get to listen to music. And I would confess that today I really wanted to touch my guitar… I really missed played it. But things have changed, equations have changed, relationships have changed… and I guess… Bhavin has changed…

It’s time to sleep as I sign off… Chao!