Another Audit, Another Audition

23rd December. 

Does this date ring a bell? Nah. It rings not just the bell. It rings a carillon in my mind that can cause embarrassment even to the Big Ben. This date has strange psychic powers. People look forward to their name day (as in Game of Thrones lingo) or birthdays. They would usually countdown the number of days left for their special day. Unlike me.

To be honest, I get s**t scared of this day. Maybe that’s got something to do with the kind of attention I get all of a sudden. It’s as if the whole world would carry me on their shoulders and then drop me down with the same speed. Or maybe it’s just about my habit of self-assessment on this particular date. Or maybe it’s just the fear of facing disappointment due to unfulfilled expectations. Whatever may be the reasons, the outcome is the same. This date invokes everything but joy.

So here I am, somewhere between the dark night and the first light, assessing my journey of the previous year. The clock in my room has already struck 2 and I am listless about the things to do. Many of you maybe expecting me to write another hunky dory article that can make your funny bones tickle. But I am very sorry to disappoint since that’s not the point. By the time my post gets fixed, it will already be four or five or six.

Enough of rhymes, for now, it has been ages since I wrote a poetry. The last time I remember writing one was for my debut book that released during the previous year. But like they say, all good things come to an end, I guess my poetry writing skills too ended and disappeared with time and circumstances. Speaking about the last year, it has been a roller coaster ride. A year that had fifty shades of an emotional journey.

Let’s focus on the good. Because that is what worth doing. I got my first royalty paycheck. I found a family in Like-minded Networking Associates. I am lucky enough to be a part of the group that does social service every month. The 11.11 moment that was stored for just someone has now turned into a legacy and has spread like a healthy infection.

Now for the bad. PS. I still end up watching PS I Love You whenever I wish to see some movie. I am still bad at numbers. My manuscripts still remain a difficult task to complete. I am still unable to break my teetotaler image. I am still learning to keep my emotions in check. I am still trying to keep up my pace with the ever changing times. At times, it’s a deliberate attempt to retreat into a shell, far away from the madding crowd. Everything is still, yet moving at a faster pace.

Few things that haven’t really changed are my relationships, particularly with my family and my friends. We still fight over petty issues and they still protect me from the dangers I face. And not to forget, I still manage to keep a brave smiling face over most of the issues I come across. So that’s it. Here’s the end of another audit (self-assessment, to be precise) and it’s time to prepare for another audition of the upcoming roles stored in life. It’s time to sign off. 

And yeah, Dear Self, Happy Birthday. Hope you continue on your course of learning to be inspirational, capable and ideal to become an idol.

Peace, Poetry and Power.

(PS. Like I had said earlier, it’s about to be four according to IST. Adios.)

Love. Passion. Karma.

First things first. Wise men said, Never judge a book by its cover and a post by its title. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

FYI, I am not in Goa! And to clarify further, I am not endorsing any place! I am here, where you will always find me. Inside my den. Because that’s where I am. Because of what I am. A businessman at daytime and a writer at night. Because that’s what I am meant to do. I wear the face of Thalia in a bid to please my kith and kin. I take solace of Melpomene when I escape the world’s attention. Both being the facets of the smile-frown or happy-sad masks commonly used in theater. But hello? Aren’t we all the same? Always wearing masks, trying to hide our truer selves, living under the constant fear of being scrutinized for our original being. Believe it or not, our whole lifetime is no less than Mardi Gras. This will forever remain our identity, our agony, and our ecstasy. With those things said and done, I move forward to talk about Love. Passion. Karma.

Has this thought ever crossed your mind that everything you experience or you do is a concoction of love? The emotions you go through, the actions you commit, the fruits you reap, in fact, speak of anything and you will draw to the sole conclusion – it is a manifestation of love. Almost every religion has different theories related to the origin and creation of the universe and Earth. Name a religion – Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Judaism or any other religion that you know of, each of them talks about how our respective Gods created us. Isn’t our existence a result of love?

Here’s one misconception about love. When we love somebody, we tend to do every possible thing to keep the person happy. (No. It’s not just about being in love with your spouse/partner/crush. It’s about experiencing love towards your parents, siblings, friends, children. The concept of love is broader than one may realize.) We tend to spoil them with choices, shower gifts, indulge in pampering and many other ways we can think of. Is it right to conclude that we commit actions to prove our love for them? Wrong. Sorry to say but I beg to differ. We do things not to prove our love for them, we do so to prove our worth to our own self! More than satisfying their needs we wish to satisfy our own egos and prove ourselves that nobody else can be better than us in their lives. This competition of one-upmanship over the rest gives rise to passion. There is a humungous difference between Passion and Compassion.

“Shower your compassion with passion and follow your passion with compassion.” – (ref. The Pink Slip)

We are passionate because of love. We act out of love. It is easier to conclude that our Love nurtures our Passion and decides our Karma (actions). It is our love to do something that makes us passionate and perform our Karmas accordingly. A simple example I can think of is writing. I love writing. More than entertaining my wonderful readers, I am passionate about satisfying my bruised self by writing as better as possible. I act accordingly by writing to prove myself that I can express myself in a better way. These are my actions. This is my Karma.

But there are times when love gives rise to anger, disappointments, frustration, hatred. Many times we are angry, frustrated, disappointed with our results in spite of our actions. Needless to say, that’s the blessing and the curse of experiencing love. Here’s what I have learned about loving. Let love be your strength but let not love blind you. Be passionate while doing what you love to do but be compassionate towards all whether they deserve your love or not. Let there be love in your actions but avoid actions that insult the idea of love. With this, I sign off focussing on my Love. Passion. Karma. What about you?

Peace, Poetry and Power.

The Beast in us!

Hola readers!

I think the last time I wrote about something like this was when I paid my respect to Late. Alan Rickman. It is one of the times when my pen becomes my wand, making honest efforts to cast a spell through the words that come out of the realms of my heart. The execution may or may not be to the tee all the time but the intentions surely are as they always have been and always will be.

The Harry Potter saga finished a few years ago. J.K. Rowling weaved the concept of The Boy Who Lived on paper while directors like Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuarón, Mike Newell and David Yates donned the director’s hat and created the magic on screen. Whether it was Alohomora to unlock the closed doors or Expecto Patronum to fend off the dementors, every magical spell had etched a memory in the heart (or should I say Pensieve) of wizards, witches, and Muggles (or should I say No-Majs as in American terms). Just when the world thought that The Deathly Hallows was the end of Harry Potter’s story, the magic reignited through a play written by Jack Thorne by the name of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. Honestly, though the play has been declared a hit the screenplay script has received mixed reviews for two major reasons: One. It isn’t Rowling’s style of writing. Two. Screenplay style of writing doesn’t grip the readers as much a full-fledged novel does.

As a die hard Potter fan (full credit to my sister Grishma who literally forced me to read the books), life became mundane and ordinary after the end of Harry Potter series. It was almost difficult to cope up with the fact that there won’t be any train journey to Hogwarts, field trips to Hogsmeade, commentary during Quidditch tournaments, misadventures at Ministry of Magic, knowing about troublesome characters and almost living in the magical world of Harry Potter. It totally felt like the Inception scenario where one wakes up to reality after a long dream. Thankfully, it wasn’t difficult to cope up with sadness surrounding the end of Magic. More than the story of Harry Potter, it is the concept of magic that has cast a powerful spell over children and adults alike.  Just as I thought The Cursed Child was the end, Rowling comes up as a screenplay writer with the cinematic version of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

To be honest, I did have some inhibition and hesitation regarding the same because the original book is more like an encyclopedia regarding weird animals and birds rather than the story of Newt Scamander. But all my reservations were destroyed after watching the movie. There’s so much more to know about magic outside Hogwarts in Great Britain. The setup of the movie premise in New York establishes the fact that Rowling has indeed charmed the Big Apple among the other parts of the world. Prequels are usually like the usual casino games where the probabilities of coming out victorious are 50-50. Movie makers hardly take chances to work on such projects unless the scripts are promising like Hobbit to LOTR or like Star Wars franchise. It is easy for me to deliver the verdict that Fantastic Beasts that is deemed as Harry Potter prequel has successfully reignited the magical world inside me. The characters of Newt, Tina, Queenie and Kowalski have been executed brilliantly. (Nopes. I am not giving out the plot details.)

Suddenly, a hell lot of expectations arise within me. With the news about Fantastic Beasts to be a 5 part movie franchise already confirmed, it is easy for me to expect detailed storyline of the characters before The Boy Who Lived such as Newt Scamander, Gellert Grindelwald, Albus Dumbledore and family, Riddles, Lestranges, Malfoys, Potters, Blacks and so on. I also think that other books like The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Quidditch Through The Ages and not to mention History of Hogwarts could find ample screen time and space in this five part saga. Needless to say, my childhood has been revived again and Rowling has ignited the desire of magic not only inside me but also the beast that is in us.

Peace, Power and Power.


Life – The Way I See It As

Dates change. Days change. Time changes as well.

Wise men say, “PAST is not a good home to dwell.”


Few old habits that had gone for a toss seem to have returned. Like mentally listening to the sound of silence, the whispering of the woods, the whistling leaves, the random honking of cars getting parked at odd hours.

After going through my blog post history, I noticed that the gap between my previous and current post has been half a year. Strange thoughts and emotions pop up when I realize how words have deceived to be at my service when I need them the most.

Thoughts, they say, get translated into words and if the person gets luckier, those words turn into blog posts. These blog posts, then, search for ways to enter the heart and mind of those people who seek motivation and inspiration to rebuild themselves. Such kind of thoughts are usually optimistic and positive. They somehow change the thought process of the cynics.

Yet, these thoughts, sometimes, take a beating. These thoughts take a hasty retreat. Positive thoughts sometimes seem nothing more than a myth or mirage. Cultivating such thoughts become a tough ask. Suddenly everything around seems to be negative. Circumstances, situations, places and people as well. Those who were God-sent angels in past, now seem to be devil in disguise. Who is to be blamed? We talk about changes in people, yet why do we never say that our way of seeing people has changed as well! Why do we feel that people around us have changed? We talk about growing as a person. But is the growth possible without adapting with time? Can being static help in growth in dynamic situations?

We complain. We whine. We rant. We groan. We grouse. Every moment we grumble about something or the other. We find the same things unfavorable that were rosy earlier. We look back at our past actions. We doubt our decision making abilities. Our confidence takes a beating. And then the worst of our illusions take shape of reality. The thoughts become our masters. We become the slaves of our own manifestations happening in our minds.

So what makes me write all this in the middle of the night? Well.. There is no reason behind writing all this. I am not here to preach about optimism. I am not here to show ways to lead a positive life. I am not here to change the outlook and mentality of naysayers. Let’s leave this job to be done by motivational speakers, pep talkers and management gurus.

It is okay to be hurt, to be pained, to be disappointed. It is okay to cry, to sob. But that’s it. Instead of sulking about it, blaming own self, burning with anger all the time, it is better to keep calm and mould ourselves according to the situation. It doesn’t mean that we have lost our originality. It doesn’t mean about compromising with our roots. It just means that we have upgraded our version of life by fixing our issues like the bug fixes option available in the software upgrades.

There is no point of clinging to the past. There is no point of comparing the past with the present. There is no point of worrying what lies in the future. Sometimes, going with the flow is a better option than stay stuck in past. Sometimes, choosing greater good is far more feasible than selfishly thinking about personal good. This is the way of living life. This is life through my eyes. This is life… The way I see it as.

The Wait Is Worth

Hello to all my dear Dost Log 🙂

Finally my wait for a personalized website is over. 😀

Waiting, if we actually see, is always a taxing activity. Not because we lack time. It’s because we lack patience. Yep. You read it correctly… It is PATIENCE that most of us lack.

We all have the same amount of time with us. The same 60 seconds, the same 60 minutes, the same 24 hours, the same 7 days and the same 12 months. If we have our will, then we can do the same things as most of the successful people do. We have that quality and gut in ourselves to climb the pinnacles of success.

If we have our will then all of us can climb Mount Everest. We can build The Great Walls. We can achieve all goals, virtually. Let’s be honest. Most of us have gone through many self-help books, inspirational multimedia resources, a pep talk with somebody whom we trust to help us get up when we fall down to our failures. We try all the formulae to succeed in achieving the goals that we have set for ourselves and things that we want to have in our lives. The amount of efforts maybe same but somehow the results fail to be the same.

The difference lies in PATIENCE. 🙂

Most of us lack patience. In this fast paced world, we look for instant results just like cooking Maggi noodles! Bas two minutes! 😛

Sadly, the two-minute formula does not work everywhere. When we plant a seed, it doesn’t instantly turn into a tree. Just by laying a foundation stone of a structure, it doesn’t turn into a building. Apart from efforts and hardwork we need one more ingredient and that is patience to let the things develop.

Somehow we stress more on end results rather than on the process to produce the end results. Call it funny or sad, but that’s the fact.  😐

Some learn it the easy way and most of us learn it in a hard way. We need time to nourish and nurture the dreams, goals and  objectives. The difference lies in prioritizing them.

Dost Log… Nothing happens without a reason. When we encounter failure in life, it is not just because of our efforts. It is because we maybe lacking patience to let things evolve. There is always a chance to rectify when things go wrong. Just like a well cooked food is tasteless without proper amount of salt or sugar, in the same way, hardwork and efforts are useless without patience. Every right thing happens at a right time and for a right reason!

Because no matter what we want to achieve in our lives, sometimes… The Wait Is Worth! 🙂


Jai Ho! 🙂

Be Inspired… To Inspire

Heylos my dear Dost Log..

(By the way, isn’t it strange to find my blog post updated so fast? :P)

Every morning, before I leave for work, I have this tendency to pick up catfights with my sister or Mom. The reasons vary everyday. It’s like sometimes it’s about racing to get ready early or maybe not getting my favourite tees ironed or forcing me to have my breakfast when I am running late for work. Well.. Whatever maybe the reasons, the outcome turns out same. I lose all the time. 😛

(Hello? There’s a reason for it. The judge is very biased. The judge prefers to hide his giggles behind the newspaper that he holds. Funnily, the judge is Dad. :P)

Ok.. So on my way to work, I have this habit of switching on my car radio and listen to the random talks by some RJ Malishka of 94.3 Red FM (errors and omissions expected) apart from the songs that get played (not laid :D)….

(FYI, the trip from my home to my work place is hardly a four-minute drive. But listening to these random talks on the radio channels are one of the reasons why I like driving.)

… Coming back to the point, so the theme of her show was ‘movies that inspire’.

(And by that she didn’t mean watching Border or L.O.C. Kargil and getting inspired to start a war with our ‘randomly specific’ neighbours.)

She spoke about the stories of her listeners like one person being inspired to pursue scuba diving after watching Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara, another one being inspired to conduct 43 blood donation camps after listening to a dialogue from Zanjeer when Pran donates his blood to Amitabh Bachchan and so on.

Somehow we all accept the fact that we like watching movies. Everyone likes watching movies because apart from seeking entertainment from them what we also seek is LESSON.

It is this factor called ‘lesson’ that actually inspires us to ape, to imitate or to behave as a protagonist or an antagonist does in a movie. Remember this, when we are watching a movie we are not merely ‘seeing’ it but actually ‘living’ it. We assume ourselves to be a part of that realistic situation which, in reality, may look hypothetical.

Now the question is how can one get inspired by an antagonist i.e. a villain, a negative character or someone with gray shade of personality? A simple answer to this question is watching Nasseruddin Shah’s character from the movie called A Wednesday.

Ok forget about being inspired by a protagonist or an antagonist. Sometimes we do get inspired from characters playing second fiddle to the lead character. (Eg. Ajay Devgan from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam or Nicholas Cage from Kickass) No doubt these are just a few examples to name. But their motto has been the same… ‘to inspire’ us either directly or indirectly.

There are lot of movies to take inspiration from like Children of Heaven, The Kite Runner, The Pursuit of Happyness, The Shawshank Redemption, Tango Charlie, Heroes, Chak De India, Iqbal, Udaan, Dasvidaniya, The Bucket List, Invictus, Lagaan, The Legend of Bhagat Singh

These are just a few movies that inspires us and most importantly teaching us an important lesson called HOPE. These are the movies that actually show us that every calamity in life, in fact, throws us an opportunity. An opportunity to overcome difficulties. An opportunity to rise like a phoenix from ashes. An opportunity to find a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. An opportunity to hope. An opportunity to inspire the present as well as the generations that will come by.

This reminds me of a very beautiful dialogue from The Shawshank Redemption: Remember, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

So dost log… Moral of the story.. Watch movies.. To be inspired.. To inspire! 🙂

That’s all from my side. Good luck. And last but not the least.. Be inspired, stay inspired.. to inspire. 🙂

The Good, The Bad… The Confused

Heylos Amigos.. I mean my dear Dost Log. It has been quite a time since I updated myself. Well.. that’s the reason why I have been absent from the blog. And that’s the reason why I haven’t really been able to update my blog.

I have always maintained the fact that the core intent of an ideal blog is not about teaching or blabbering long written notes to the readers. It is about sharing knowledge gained through random experiences during the walks of life. It is about being honest with the self as well as the reader.

When a knowledge seeker gets stuck at some point of his life, he turns to a blog in order to either help him find a way or guide him pave a way towards the solution. This is what I have been working on, lately. Well, the intention is not to make it as an ideal blog but to share the experiences.

Having born and brought up as humans, we tend to go through certain stages of life, by default.

  • When we were kids, we went through being mischievous, getting attracted towards toys, board games, mini vehicles, remote controlled gadgets, free gifts, chocolates and many more to name. We kicked our legs, threw tantrums, cried hoarsely, acted like weirdos when our demands were never fulfilled. That was the period of innocence.
  • We grew up from kids to adolescence, a stage where we struck puberty and slowly evolved into teenagers. We got into the web of competitions among classmates, cronies, peers. We felt our hearts beating for the first time when we got into one-sided love (technically known as a crush). The pressure to perform as a student, as a team member, as a sportsman just got bigger and bigger. We grew, our demands increased and so did our range of emotions.
  • Teenage gone… We enter the phase of adulthood. A race begins to chase our dreams, achieve our targets, to get settled in life. We strive ourselves to the zenith of our limits to secure our future. A future that we are unsure of. Practically, we don’t even know if we shall be able to reap the benefits of the seeds that we are sowing at present.
  • Our approach towards life became more mudane, more devilish, more robotic and slowly the positive array of emotions faded away with time.

    Now, according to me, anything can be classified into three categories:

  • The Good
  • The Bad
  • The Confused
  • The Good generally consists of positive things like happiness, smile, joy to add a few.

    The Bad consists of negativity like sadness, anger, guilt, ego and so on.

    The Confused consists of something that is unusually usual. Like sort of lethargy, not interested, least important and so on.

    The way we approach our life is the way we actually live. It reminds me of a very popular thought that says, “It is good to be Good. It is good to be Bad. But it is bad to be Confused.”

    Well… Most of the time of our lives pass away in confusion. We do things without having a knowledge whether it is good, whether it is bad, whether it is important, whether it is unimportant, whether it is going to be useful, whether it is useless.

    It is sad to say the bitter truth but In the race to earn a living, we have forgotten how to live.

    Of course, we would like to categorize ourselves into The Good. We may be unlucky to be in The Bad. But finding ourselves in The Confused category? We ourselves are to blame for it.

    Are we actually living our lives? Or is it that we are living just for the sake of living? History has been the witness, we become what we choose. It is upto us to choose to be good, to be bad. But being confused? Nah! Nobody lasts longer in that category.

    So here you are… These are your choices that will help you to lead your life! What do you prefer?

    The Good? The Bad? Or as usual, The Confused?

    Koffee, Konversations, Karma and Konfessions


    No matter how hard you suppress your feelings and emotions, someday.. somehow they shall erupt. No matter how often you fool the world or yourself, someday.. somehow they shall catch up with you in the form of KARMA.

    -A not so random saying by a random person

    (A heartfelt note: If you are reading this post or if you have been asked to read this post, it’s probably because you matter a lot to the person who asked you to do so and he/she might want to ‘confess’ that you are still one of those beautiful colours who has painted his/her happy life through the times that you have spent and the memories that you have created.)

    Midnight… Three past something in the background clock… Fighting with the invisible demons to get some sleep. The demons then taking the form of memories.. Funny memories actually.. They make you laugh when you remember some odd tearful memories and they make you cry when you remember some odd funny memories.. All of a sudden an urge to make a coffee for self pops up.. An urge to switch on your gadget and get into conversation with a random friend online.. An urge to confess and spurt out odd things, hardly mattering, that have been suppressed for a long time.. Looks like the law of Karma has finally caught up..

    Hello.. Welcome to “the Achilles tendon of life” that deals with Koffee, Konversations, Karma and Konfessions.

    Let’s be honest. The title of this post sounds weird. I mean it ‘looks’ weird. But I have an explanation for it. Well, doesn’t my profile describe that Blogs by Bugs is all about writing, straight from the heart? Well, if this is the thing that is going on inside my mind and heart then how can it sound weird, eh?

    Ever since we are born, there is one particular lesson that we have been taught. The lesson is a simple one-lined statement: The world is round or What goes around, comes around.

    Isn’t this the same lesson that we have learnt in our play-schools, nurseries, schools, colleges, offices through the activities of our daily lives?
    It was one of those odd midnights when I was fighting to get some sleep, out of blue I felt like pampering myself with a cup of coffee and then sitting idly, gaping at the continuous blinking of my screen with some random tweets on twitter, liking some funny updates of my friends on facebook and watching friends playing ‘hide-and-seek’ (read: online-offline) on my instant messenger. It made me realise how technology has become an indispensable part of our current lives.

    Facebook inquires “What’s on your mind?”
    Twitter inquires “What’s happening?”
    (Did I miss mentioning Orkut? Probably that’s because it isn’t as addictive as earlier.)

    And all we do is form the answers of these inquiries in 420 characters for Facebook and 140 letters for Twitter. It is so strange that we have become compulsive, dependant, habitual slave (read: user) of the social networking sites. They have made sure that we don’t feel it important to catch up with friends over a cup of coffee by constantly helping us update ourselves just by clicking a ‘share’ button. They have made sure that we don’t feel it important to have face-to-face conversations with our friend by providing the chat applications. They have made sure that we don’t find it important anymore to confess about those small, petty things that could make friends laugh when they feel sad and get into serious mode when things aren’t taken seriously.

    … And finally the law of Karma catches up taking up the form of ‘loneliness’. 🙂

    I wonder how many of us can recollect the days of past when…

    1. Coffee was an excuse for everytime we wanted to multiply smallest reasons of our happiness with others and share the sorrows of our near and dear ones.
    2. We just needed excuses to meet up with friends just to have conversations and have updates about daily lives of each other.
    3. We used to confess the funniest things like having crush on our best friends’ lovers, gossiping about our best friends’ awkward moments, things that we dislike to the person whom we love.

    If, TODAY, we are feeling lonely and having nobody to talk to then probably, this is the law of Karma… What goes around.. Comes around.

    It is time we think of the times we have meted out bad treatment to the people who treated us good. It is time we think of the times we hoodwinked people when they needed us the most. It is time we think about the blanket of lies we draped on the people who loved us genuinely and without any kind of selfish reasons. It is time we think about the people whose wonderful conversations were enough to charge us up, when we needed them the most but we ignored them at the times of their sorrows. It is time we think to stop fooling with ourselves by toying around with the emotions and feelings who care for us.

    If you, as a reader, think that the words written in this post make any sense or bear any authenticity then it is time to get back in touch with those cronies where “coffee” is just an excuse to catch up and have “conversations” about the happenings in each others’ lives or serving them with “confessions” where we went wrong.. It’s time you churn out your own ideas to put an emphasis on “coffee, conversations and confessions” and let “Karma” do rest of the job.

    As for me… I have already had a good dose of Koffee, Konversations, Karma and Konfessions. 🙂



    Ok.. Heylos! To all who are about to read this post.. And to all those who are suppose to read this post. It has been a long time since I really wrote something. Something.. I mean anything.. I mean nothing.. I mean.. What thing? :S
    Ummm.. I guess I am one of those from the confused lots who has some-thing, any-thing or no-thing to say about. Probably I find myself stuck in a vacuum mode.
    Vacuum? Did I mean getting stuck inside a vacuum cleaner? :S No ways! 😐
    So what is this vacuum that I am talking about? Ok. Read on.
    Before you read further, I would like to clarify that these are my individual views. They may be right. They may be wrong. I respect everyone’s views and I am proud of what science has achieved till date. But these are strictly based on my thoughts.

    Vacuum, theoretically, is a space without matter in it. (Now, that’s what most of you know.)

    Scientists say that a perfect vacuum has never been obtained. (Now, that’s what most of us hardly know about.)
    But honestly speaking, we don’t need to be a scientist to create a vacuum because we always experience the ‘vacuum’ feeling in our day-to-day lives. Technically speaking, vacuum is a hollow substance that has nothing present inside it. Well.. Most of the people like me experience this ‘vacuum’ feeling or the ‘hollow’ feeling in the different phases of life. Check out the scenarios:
    Scenario 1..
    There are times when we are given spot on topics to discuss about without getting appropriate time to create the ‘matter’ inside our mind. May it be while participating in a debate, an elocution competition, addressing any issues, giving pep-talks to somebody in need. There is perhaps, a nanosecond (or less than that) moment, where our brain ceases to function and fill it up with the subject to talk about. In this case, our brain becomes the ‘space’ and the idea becomes the ‘matter’.
    So, can I assume that by not being able to talk about, I have created or experienced a vacuum for a few moments?
    Scenario 2..
    There are times when we go through the ups and downs in our daily lives. There are times when we have enjoyed the accolades and also bore the insults for the work done accordingly. There are times during examinations when we work hard but the results don’t turn according to our expectations. There are also the times when we take things easily and the results are quite encouraging and way beyond our expectations. There are times when the reactions of our bosses in our offices are varied for the work we have done or for the project we have completed. But for a split-second our brain doesn’t know how to react to the results.
    Does that create a vacuum inside us?
    Scenario 3..
    We are in love. (Aah.. I guess this one’s going to be the most read scenario in this post. Hehehe.) Of course, each and every living being falls in love with some or the other. Most of us either like to hide our love or profess our love to someone through some or the other medium. The result is that either it is accepted or it is rejected. But both the parties (the suitor and the replier) go through a split-second vacuum where the brain doesn’t make out what to answer and what not to.
    Does this experience also gives us a hollow feeling?
    Strange but true: Our bodies are the best available laboratories that conduct unknown experiments on their own, only to notify us what we have really created or found out. Our brain is more of a labyrinth which intends to confuse us who try to navigate through its intricate network of pathways and passageways.
    Also, there is nothing called a reader’s nightmare or a writer’s bloc. It’s neither ‘all’ nor ‘nothing’ but a vacuum.
    Last but not the least, all I wish to say is….. Oops! I forgot what I have to say further… Looks like I got stuck in the vacuum mode again! 🙂
    Happy reading folks!

    The Journey towards Complications Simplified

    There is one particular line that has made a permanent impression in my mind. It goes this way, “Truth and Fact are always stranger than Fiction.” It’s true. Not only they are stranger but also they are bitter. There are some things that reborn, regenerate and rekindle the bitter experiences of past. Some may be able to hide it, some may be able to show it off but the fact remains that such things are virtually impossible to be ignored or forgotten forever. How often do you think does this happen that some incidents leave a bad taste in you and then you move on and then you realise that you never really moved on? How often do you suffer from the aftershocks of any life changing incident? How often do you feel stressed or traumatic about things that happened years back but returns only to haunt you in a much more bigger and a brutal way? How often do you set your pillow wet with tears while sleeping? How often while bathing do you fail to distinguish between the water running from the shower and the tears running off your eyes? How often do you sense the pain unleashing its fatal and (God forbid) final blow? How often do you feel that its time to get rid of all such bad experiences but alas its too late? Sadly, that’s one of the conspiracies of Universe or maybe one of the unchanged, read/write protected laws of nature. The fact is nobody has the answer to these questions and even if anybody had that fact remains that nobody cares a damn to explain this phenomenon.

    Life is one particular teacher that first takes tests and then teaches lessons. Some pass out with flying colours and some fail worse than anybody getting F grade. So where exactly do we stand in life? And what sounds better, failing in life’s exam or failing in an ordinary exam? There are too many questions in life that sound a taboo if asked. There are too many steps in life that are prohibited if taken. There are too many rules in life that are banned if broken. Such are the laws of nature. Such are the conspiracies of the universe. But who made such rules? Is it the nature itself or is it the community with views of anarchy who make such rules? The laws of nature confuse the hell out of me. How does it happen that when we bump into people who hurt us, we actually hurt ourselves more than them as a revenge? How is it that we abuse our bodies more to get rid of the invisible wounds unleashed by the source of the pain? Probably it is because physical wounds heal faster than the psychological ones. There are scenarios where such cases remain unsolved for one simple reason, they don’t have any solutions. They remain unsolved right from the mortal world to the graveyard. Luckily, I had all my answers ready when I had completed Complications Simplified.

    I can still recollect how Complications Simplified happened. It all started with a short story submitted to the authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul. That story was known as Simply Complicated. The story started with Roy telling his story about his complicated relationship with Melissa, the best friend of his ex-girlfriend Simone. The story ended with Mel getting married and Roy still under the wrong impression. I don’t know the feedback of Simply Complicated but my support system in the form of friends urged me to write further in the form of Simply Complicated part two. And that’s how Complications Do occur came into life. It started where Simply Complicated ended. Roy introduced another facet of his life in the form of his other friends Rohan and Jenny. He talked about his flashbacks, misunderstandings, separation with his friend and gathering blood and sweat to save his friend’s life. The story ended by Roy leaving Ron without meeting him again. I thought that the story was finally complete but there were a few unanswered questions left in the second part. So that’s how the grand finale Complications Simplified was born. It didnt amuse me to present this story as a trilogy so the basic idea was to merge all the stories and characters in the trilogy with new subplots and a few unknown mysteries. Lucky for me that the subplots got interconnected like magic. And so here I am, the writer of the unpublished novel Complications Simplified which remains dearer to me than life itself. The story had to end somewhere. How could such a story have such an ending? So it was deliberate on my part to bump off one of the main characters. Many of my support system are still against the climax of the story.

    Stories are said or written but not to be heard or read. They are written or said to teach out the smaller things that can be useful in different facets of life. These smaller things, if not taken care of, can create a big hurdle in living life at the fullest. I don’t know what did it teach the readers but I know about the things that it taught me. It taught me the value of friendship, the value of love and the value of relationships. It taught me how a spec of dust on any relationships can never be taken for granted. It taught me the value of sacrifices offered by different characters at different stages of life. It taught me how things work out in life. And it taught me how life can turn and declare you a winner even after being defeated.

    If the readers feel that I am being biased about this book since it is my book then I disagree. Or maybe I agree. I am biased because this book made me what I am at present. So here it is.. My blessing and my curse.. The Journey towards Complications Simplified.