Mascots – Our Heroes

A good mascot has to be memorable. If it’s hard to identify or isn’t recognizable as something specific, it’s not going to do the job it’s supposed to. A mascot needs to stand for something. It needs to be more than just cute – it has to have a personality.

– Don Carter

I am close to getting older by another year and yet the childishness inside me refuses to fade. There is never a single day when a person doesn’t feel the blues. I mean, let’s be honest, not all moments in a day are perfectly blissful. On an average, a person goes through a thousand emotions and processes more than a thousand thoughts per day. While sometimes we experience joy, bliss and positivity, the rest of the time we feel low, mundane and listless. Many of us think, “Damn! I am feeling so low today. Now how do I get rid of it?”

I have been associated with many people who can overrule their feelings of negativity by thinking of their favorite characters whom they term it as lucky mascots. Like there is this one lady who will surf through her phone and check out her collection of penguin photographs. They are her Happy Feet. There’s this person who will watch The Lion King to chase away his boredom. In fact, I am a big fan of The Minions. They never fail to evoke laughter in me.

Now let me make myself clear. I am not talking about movies out here. I am talking about the (fictional animated) characters who became our bum chums and made our childhood awesome. They are the ones worthy enough to be known as our mascots. They are the ones who unintentionally teach us so many lessons. Moreover, they show us that it’s okay to be silly at times and laugh out loud because life is not just about sulking over your daily problems and issues. There’s much more to life than what you are experiencing. Not all days will remain the same. Some days will blossom like spring and some days will be stormy affairs. These are the times when the insane thoughts of our mascots can bring sanity in our chaotic moments.

A mascot is not just cute, as said by Don Carter, it needs to stand up for something. That something is HOPE. A hope of sunrise after a dark night. A hope for a glimmering smile after sulking mood.  A hope of success after repeated failures. He isn’t a failure who falls down, he is who refuses to stand up again. That’s what they teach us. Like the penguins in my friend’s case. Their walks invoke laughter, their claps invoke applause, their style of standing up after falling down teach never-say-die attitude. The Lion King, who exemplifies the way a cub becomes the king of the jungle, The Minions, who act stupid all the time and still manage to save the day, believe it or not, these mascots pass us encrypted messages of positivity, perseverance, and heroism.

It’s okay to have a mascot and turn to it when our minds are clouded. It’s okay to appease the child inside us by letting our mascots make us laugh again. It’s perfectly okay to let our mascots help us get nostalgic and walk down the memory lane when they made us smile for the first time.. because that’s what they do. They shoo away our blues. It’s time we recognize these fictional heroes! It’s time we confess the identity of our mascots to ourselves. It’s time for acceptance. I just shared my mascot with you. It’s your turn, pal.

Peace, Poetry and Power.


A Deed That Tastes Good

A few years ago, I started with this section of blog posts christened as ‘Heroes’. It consists mostly of chance encounters with people who either made a difference to others’ lives or touched my heart in some way. Little did I realize was the fact that there also lived people who could not only touch my heart but also made a difference in my life. I have written about Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar whose humility and achievements taught me of the lesson of humility, about my luck-by-chance encounter with Suresh Chandra Yadav, a taxi driver who thinks more about the country’s progress rather than being a part of cheap politics, about my heroes, my support system who provide me HOPE whenever I have none, about one of the underrated actors Alan Rickman, who showed the world that sometimes you need to be bad for the world’s betterment. I also wrote about a team of legends who literally have the power to shatter the egos of people they meet through their art and most importantly through their smiles.

This time I write about an encounter-by-chance with another bunch of superstars who love filling up the empty stomachs of people living below poverty line. Meet the Fairy Godmothers for hundreds of hunger-stricken people, Namneet Kohli aka Nilu Didi / Ninu Aunty and her friend Dr. Bela, a gynecologist. While most of us prefer to laze around and warm our beds on Sundays, they choose to feed more than 400 people living below poverty line with choicest of delicacies at their bungalow opposite Dr Ernest Borges Memorial Home, Kala Nagar, Bandra East. Theirs is a story that can inspire hundreds of budding philanthropists.


Namneet Kohli aka Nilu Didi aka Ninu Aunty with a glimpse of her service.


Team “Sab Ki Rasoi” with Team “LNA Socials”


Ninu Aunty welcomes us to join her team every Sunday for feeding the underprivileged people whom she considers her family. She along with Bela Aunty and their respective husbands, share the details of the journey they have embarked upon since one year. As goes their foundation’s name Sab Ki Rasoi, she talks about the inception of the idea that snowballed into its present form. A casual conversation with her best friend Bela with regards to making a difference in the lives of the underprivileged by eradicating hunger with the help of another good Samaritan whom she doesn’t wish to name gives birth to Sab Ki Rasoi. True to its name, their organized ‘langar’ welcomes everybody irrespective of caste, creed, status to have a sumptuous meal. She talks about the minor bumpers she faced earlier to succeed in her vision. She talks about her goal of feeding at least a 100 million people every day by opening many more centers. She talks about her youngest volunteers (4-year-old Kevin and 12-year-old Evan) who never miss a single Sunday to be a part of the good cause through Sab Ki Rasoi. She talks about her support system consisting of her husband, children, and other family members that religiously walk on the path she has carved.

As truly said by wise men, “One good deed attracts another good deed” she manages to visit an orphanage every Thursday and feed children with her very own hands. It won’t be wrong to say that until people like Ninu Aunty are present, the world will never sleep with empty stomachs. Wishing her more power and more success in her efforts to make her dream of a hunger-free world come true. Way to go!

Peace, Poetry and Power.

A phiLNAthropist.



… When They Taught Me A Lesson About Life

First things, first. I would like to apologize to start my post with a clich√©. By the end of the post, you may understand the reason behind it. So this is how it goes…

There are heroes, there are superheroes and then there is

A Team of ‘Special’ Legends!

We – the human race are quite brilliant. If determined, we can turn any kind of adversity into a blessing in disguise. But at the same time, we tend to let our successes go on top of our heads and wear it as a symbol of pride, arrogance and haughtiness. Most of us are lucky enough to have a pair of eyes that helps us see the world as it is, a pair of ears that helps us listen to every possible sound around us, vocal chords that helps us voice our opinions, a nose to smell the fragrances and aroma dangling around us and finally the sense of touch that helps us feel many emotions. Our sharp senses help us survive and do many things in life. With all these five senses we have the power to reach unimaginable heights! Lucky, aren’t we? Or should I say – Arrogant, aren’t we?

Imagine what would happen if we lose any of the above mentioned senses. C’mon! Close your eyes, now try to walk a mile or two without hesitation. Put earplugs inside your ears, try to figure out what’s happening around you. Put a duct tape on your mouth and try to communicate about anything without speaking a single word.

Ok. Let us forget about physical deformities for a moment. Let us think of some other examples. Many of us have gone through a hell lot of failures in our lives – failure to meet academic goals, failure in business/job, failure in love life, failure in relationships, failure in marriages, failure as parents. Any kind of inability that causes hindrance and hampers our progress in life doesn’t make us feel good.

It feels suffocating, right? Many kind of thoughts pile up in the mind – frustration, handicapped and even suicidal at an extreme level. What would you do if you suffered from any such disabilities? What would you if you encounter any of these failures. Let’s be honest, many of us would have simply given up or maybe curse our karmas, blame our parents for not taking care of us while we were fetuses. To add salt to their wounds, we would even address them and God with expletives for not killing us to end our miseries. Wow! This seems a brilliant idea – kill yourself and that will end the misery of yours as well as the people taking care of you. Is this it? Like seriously?

We are humans. We take pride in what we do. We are proud of our achievements. At times the success goes above our heads. We hate failure. It makes us feel miserable. We hate it when we are not able to achieve our targets. We get frustrated when things don’t go according to our plan. We curse ourselves for taking wrong decisions. We berate ourselves for our failures. We think that taking an extreme step can free us from our mental state of apathy and agony.

I request you to spare a moment and meet a team of ‘special’ legends before you lose your sanity to negativity.





Meet this bunch. Most of them can neither speak nor hear. Their fault? No idea. But that doesn’t stop them from pursuing their dreams. They manage to communicate through a different medium. They sketch, they act, they dance. They never let their disabilities cause hindrance to their progress. They live their lives normally. They do their chores, some of them even work at banks and offices as computer operators and accountants.

I learnt quite a few lessons about life from them. When life throws you lemons, take a pinch of salt and prepare a lemonade for yourself. Nothing is impossible to achieve with the help of determination, dedication and devotion. And lastly, I learnt that if the experience with them cannot inspire me to live life then maybe nothing else can. They deserve to be my heroes – our superheroes.

Peace, Poetry and Power.


After All This Time? Always.


(Important note: I hold no copyrights over the images used in this post. They are used for representation purpose only.)

It has been a long time since I wrote another post that could touch my heart as well as yours. But nothing compelled me to write more than the news related to the death of Alan Rickman. Now many of you, my fellow friends, would be wondering who the heck was this person. But there is no need for introduction to the fans of Harry Potter series. This man immortalized the character of Severus Snape by beautifully portraying it onscreen. While the author J.K. Rowling has already won the accolades for her magical series, it was he who popularized the character of Snape. I am sure many will agree to my point that nobody, I mean nobody, could have essayed the role on 70mm better than him. This image may help the non-Harry-Potter followers to understand Snape in a better way.


It is said that one does not understand the value of what they have until they lose it. Nobody understands the pain until one feels it. I experienced the pain, few years ago, when the author released her final book Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. The pain of losing Snape. And today, I go through the same pain when the world talks of Alan’s death. It was Alan who made Snape from being the most hated guy to the most respected hero. With due respect to Rowling for her books, it was Alan who taught me and the Potter fans the true meaning of love. He taught all of us about selfless love. He taught us about protection. He taught us about fighting the wrongs. He taught us about dedication, determination and devotion towards the duty of safeguarding the interests of the people we love. He taught us about turning to evil for the good to win. Alan left a deep imprint in the minds of all through his exquisite portrayal of Severus Snape.

The images of Snape still run vividly in my mind, from protecting Harry throughout The Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s) Stone, The Chamber of Secrets,¬† The Prisoner of Azkaban, The Goblet of Fire and The Order of Phoenix to revealing his identity of being The Half Blood Prince and successfully completing his mission by sacrificing his life in The Deathly Hallows. All of these would have made little sense had Alan not played the role of Severus Snape. The image of Alan as Snape hugging the dead body of Lily, the woman he loved wholeheartedly still brings tears to the eyes of Potter fans. The outrage he displays after Dumbledore asks Snape to kill him and orchestrate the death of Harry will remain the scene of the Harry Potter movie franchise. The arrogant Potions teacher who always craved to teach Defense Against Dark Arts, every single scene will remain etched in the memories forever. But there’s one scene that stands out the most; the one in which his Patronus is a doe i.e. same as Lily’s Patronus.

No doubt, Alan may have acted brilliantly in movies like Die Hard and Robin Hood, but it was the role of Severus Snape that gave him worldwide recognition. Alan’s name remains as invincible as Hogwarts School of Magic.

Today, as he enters the gate of Heaven, God may ask him, “What makes you deserve a stay in heaven?” He can proudly proclaim, “I taught Your Children the true meaning of Love by playing the role of Severus Snape.” Thank you Alan for teaching us the meaning of unconditional love. Of course, Rowling may have scripted the role of Snape but nobody could have played it so effortlessly as you did.

Right now, many of my readers would be wondering, how come I am remembering Alan Rickman now. After all this time? In his Severus Snape styled mimicry I would like to reply, “ALWAYS.”


RIP ALAN ‘SEVERUS SNAPE’ RICKMAN. May your soul rest in peace for now, ALWAYS and forever.

Peace, Poetry and Power.

Thank You, My Hero!

Dear You,

Yes. This letter has been specially written and addressed to you. By the way, I would like to wish you Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening because I know that somewhere in this world you do exist, constantly thinking about my well being and welfare.

Firstly, I want to thank you for being my hero! Yes! You are my hero. And by reading this post, I just want to say thanks to my hero. The reason why I consider you as my hero is because you have gifted me a priceless thing in my life that no amount of wealth can buy me. Through this gift you have made it possible for me to achieve all the other tangible and intangible things that exist in the different nooks and corners of the universe. And that gift is HOPE.

When I was hungry with no food around, you gave me HOPE to satiate my hunger by hunting for food. When I was thirsty with no liquid, you gave me HOPE to quench my thirst by providing me water. When I fell down and failed to achieve my dreams, you gave me HOPE to get up and chase them till I reached my goals. When I couldn’t perform my tasks, when I couldn’t complete my challenges, when I gave up on numerous occasions in my life, you gave me HOPE to strive hard and motivate myself to come out as a winner. When I felt like giving up my life, you gave me HOPE and provided me a reason to live and to look forward in life. By giving me this gift called HOPE, you taught me and made me realise that the real winner isn’t the one who wins prizes and laurels but the one who wins the hearts.

We maybe known or unknown to each other. We may have seen or unseen each other. We may have talked as acquaintances and best of chums or we may have been strangers to each other. But still you proved to be my hero by knowingly or unknowingly providing me HOPE through your actions that may not have been of any relevance to you. Your actions may not have been pertinent to your own self. You may not be knowing what you have been doing or how your deeds are being a constant part of motivation for me. But still, through these ‘selfless’ actions of yours which may be petty or of meagre importance to you, you have constantly gifted me a priceless possession called HOPE.

You have entered my life in different forms and at different levels in my life. Sometimes you acted like parents who always thought good of their child, sometimes as a friend who always stood besides me at the hour of need and sometimes you came in the form of a rival or an opponent who motivated me to strive harder for success, to make you as an idol and to achieve any possible thing in life through your gift of HOPE.

Currently, you maybe reading this letter taking the form of my relatives, my friends, my acquaintances or maybe as one of the those lots who may not have anything to do with me, my happiness or my life. But still, I want to thank you for all the things that you have helped me to achieve or the things that I am tempted to achieve in future by making me see things clear in my life. This all would have been impossible for me had you not gifted me HOPE.

I wish to convey my joy with you because if you have succeeded in reading this post then I have succeeded in killing any unknown animosity between us. I have succeeded in removing this relationship tag called ‘strangers’ between you and me. You have reached at the bottom of this letter for one simple reason. Deep within your mind, heart and soul, it is the love and mutual admiration for me that has urged you to gift me HOPE.

I want to thank you for teaching me invaluable lessons that I have experienced in life because of the bad memories we may have had. I want to thank you for all the happiness that I have experienced by the good memories we may have shared. I want to thank you for this little gift called HOPE.

Finally, I want to thank you for reading this heartfelt letter and for being my hero!

Yours and only yours,
An admirer by the name of
Bhavin aka Bugs

>A Trip to Reality

10:00 pm – Aatish and Ruchik leave my office premises, fighting with me for not joining them to meet Dada.

10:15 pm – I finally get to leave my office to reach Dada’s house. The bus frequency sucks. My phone keeps on ringing every 5 mins as if they want to update my status on their respective facebook profiles. I cross the Grant Road bridge, with a hope to catch a cabbie.

10:30 pm – Curses! Still unable to trace a cabbie. (Looks like everyone’s sleeping.) I walk around station… Bhatia hospital… Kamat restaurant… Ganga Jamuna juice center… Still no sign of a cabbie…

Finally… I find a decent cab and the trip to reality starts….

There are men… There are working men..
There are races… There are racially discriminative people..
There are people who talk… There are people who let their actions speak..
And finally… There are Gujjus and Maaru’s.. There are Marathis and finally the UPs and Biharis!

Everytime I sit in a cabbie, most of my senses get diverted towards the meter. But for no valid reason, this time, my senses were diverted towards my watch. I have to make sure that I ain’t too late for the darshan. The car reaches near SoBo Central (previously known as Crossroads) and a Meru cab nearly dashes into some private car. I pass a tongue whacking comment, “Looks like the Meru driver is spying on his wife.” The cabbie driver laughs and initiates the conversation, “Saab, the car condition doesn’t matter to these guys because they have already paid Rs. 10,000 as the deposit for the car.” I give a smile and he continues, “The Meru company is owned by Vilasrao’s son and it operates all over India. It was floated so that the illegal funds could be converted into white money.”

We reach Haji Ali and by mistake he drives from the right side of the road. We reach near Lala college and we need to take a compulsory U-turn. He regrets and says sorry. He offers me to cut the fare. I tell him that I have no issues. He apologises again and we take the Mahalaxmi station road. He talks about Jet Airways owned by Naresh Goyal. He talks about the India shining and the progress of India. He talks about the real reason behind the fight for natural gas between the Ambani brothers. He talks about the reason behind basic needs getting dearer. Every word seems so convincing. We drive through Tulsi Pipe road and he talks about the Mayawati-Mulayam Singh feud. He talks about education. He differentiates between Indian law system and laws of other countries. One particular argument that shakes my faith in judiciary is when he asks me, “Dhananjay Chaterjee was sent to gallows because he raped and killed a girl. But I don’t understand how come Qasab and Afzal Guru are still alive, inspite of killing many innocent people.” He mocks about the law system. He praises Atal Bihari Vajpayee but takes a dig on L.K.Advani. He feels sorry for Kandahar hijack.

11:05 pm – I finally reach my destination and he apologizes for taking the long route. He offers me not to charge me. But I decide to pay him complete fare as he made me realise about several socio-eco-political issues. I promise him to write about him in my blog.

Guys, if you get a chance, please take a ride in this cabbie… His name is Sureshchand Yadav from Uttar Pradesh and his taxi number is MH01-X504. As I reach Dada’s place, I tell my friends about this trip to reality. They call me a buffoon and crack jokes about me. I laugh at their jokes because I realised about one particular thing, there is this particular guy who thinks more about the country’s progress rather than being a part of cheap politics.

Hats off to you, Yadavsaab!

>The Messiah is Back !!!

Well well well…. It has been a long time since I had posted something fruitful on my blog. And there cannot be a better occassion to write than this one. This is also my first uploaded picture on my blog. And there cannot be a better picture than my idol’s….



But there doesn’t seem to be a better title than this one:

How many people had written off Sachin Tendulkar before this match? Many doubts had aroused in the back of the minds of all those critics who thought it as time from the Master Blaster to retire.


It requires a lot of guts to put your hands up and say, “Dude! I am ready to do this job.” And there couldn’t have been a better volunteer than the most experienced guy in the world cricket team. Like a phoenix rises from the ashes, he rose on the occasion when every avid cricket fan had lost the hopes of saving the match. Not only did The God of Cricket take the team to a famous win but also he proved the world, why was he considered the best human being among cricketers.

His dedication of the match winning century to the people of Mumbai, who are still to heal their wounds, has not applied some amount of comfort in the hearts but has also gained a huge amount of respect from each and every cricket lover from all the parts of the world.

I salute to the numero uno of cricket… The emperor of cricket… And the unconquerable Alexander the Great of Cricket… SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR…

By this gesture of yours, you have not only tried to heal our wounds but also have taken an initiative to gift back smiles on the faces of everyone.

Hats Off My Lord!