Thank You, My Hero!

Dear You,

Yes. This letter has been specially written and addressed to you. By the way, I would like to wish you Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening because I know that somewhere in this world you do exist, constantly thinking about my well being and welfare.

Firstly, I want to thank you for being my hero! Yes! You are my hero. And by reading this post, I just want to say thanks to my hero. The reason why I consider you as my hero is because you have gifted me a priceless thing in my life that no amount of wealth can buy me. Through this gift you have made it possible for me to achieve all the other tangible and intangible things that exist in the different nooks and corners of the universe. And that gift is HOPE.

When I was hungry with no food around, you gave me HOPE to satiate my hunger by hunting for food. When I was thirsty with no liquid, you gave me HOPE to quench my thirst by providing me water. When I fell down and failed to achieve my dreams, you gave me HOPE to get up and chase them till I reached my goals. When I couldn’t perform my tasks, when I couldn’t complete my challenges, when I gave up on numerous occasions in my life, you gave me HOPE to strive hard and motivate myself to come out as a winner. When I felt like giving up my life, you gave me HOPE and provided me a reason to live and to look forward in life. By giving me this gift called HOPE, you taught me and made me realise that the real winner isn’t the one who wins prizes and laurels but the one who wins the hearts.

We maybe known or unknown to each other. We may have seen or unseen each other. We may have talked as acquaintances and best of chums or we may have been strangers to each other. But still you proved to be my hero by knowingly or unknowingly providing me HOPE through your actions that may not have been of any relevance to you. Your actions may not have been pertinent to your own self. You may not be knowing what you have been doing or how your deeds are being a constant part of motivation for me. But still, through these ‘selfless’ actions of yours which may be petty or of meagre importance to you, you have constantly gifted me a priceless possession called HOPE.

You have entered my life in different forms and at different levels in my life. Sometimes you acted like parents who always thought good of their child, sometimes as a friend who always stood besides me at the hour of need and sometimes you came in the form of a rival or an opponent who motivated me to strive harder for success, to make you as an idol and to achieve any possible thing in life through your gift of HOPE.

Currently, you maybe reading this letter taking the form of my relatives, my friends, my acquaintances or maybe as one of the those lots who may not have anything to do with me, my happiness or my life. But still, I want to thank you for all the things that you have helped me to achieve or the things that I am tempted to achieve in future by making me see things clear in my life. This all would have been impossible for me had you not gifted me HOPE.

I wish to convey my joy with you because if you have succeeded in reading this post then I have succeeded in killing any unknown animosity between us. I have succeeded in removing this relationship tag called ‘strangers’ between you and me. You have reached at the bottom of this letter for one simple reason. Deep within your mind, heart and soul, it is the love and mutual admiration for me that has urged you to gift me HOPE.

I want to thank you for teaching me invaluable lessons that I have experienced in life because of the bad memories we may have had. I want to thank you for all the happiness that I have experienced by the good memories we may have shared. I want to thank you for this little gift called HOPE.

Finally, I want to thank you for reading this heartfelt letter and for being my hero!

Yours and only yours,
An admirer by the name of
Bhavin aka Bugs

Koffee, Konversations, Karma and Konfessions


No matter how hard you suppress your feelings and emotions, someday.. somehow they shall erupt. No matter how often you fool the world or yourself, someday.. somehow they shall catch up with you in the form of KARMA.

-A not so random saying by a random person

(A heartfelt note: If you are reading this post or if you have been asked to read this post, it’s probably because you matter a lot to the person who asked you to do so and he/she might want to ‘confess’ that you are still one of those beautiful colours who has painted his/her happy life through the times that you have spent and the memories that you have created.)

Midnight… Three past something in the background clock… Fighting with the invisible demons to get some sleep. The demons then taking the form of memories.. Funny memories actually.. They make you laugh when you remember some odd tearful memories and they make you cry when you remember some odd funny memories.. All of a sudden an urge to make a coffee for self pops up.. An urge to switch on your gadget and get into conversation with a random friend online.. An urge to confess and spurt out odd things, hardly mattering, that have been suppressed for a long time.. Looks like the law of Karma has finally caught up..

Hello.. Welcome to “the Achilles tendon of life” that deals with Koffee, Konversations, Karma and Konfessions.

Let’s be honest. The title of this post sounds weird. I mean it ‘looks’ weird. But I have an explanation for it. Well, doesn’t my profile describe that Blogs by Bugs is all about writing, straight from the heart? Well, if this is the thing that is going on inside my mind and heart then how can it sound weird, eh?

Ever since we are born, there is one particular lesson that we have been taught. The lesson is a simple one-lined statement: The world is round or What goes around, comes around.

Isn’t this the same lesson that we have learnt in our play-schools, nurseries, schools, colleges, offices through the activities of our daily lives?
It was one of those odd midnights when I was fighting to get some sleep, out of blue I felt like pampering myself with a cup of coffee and then sitting idly, gaping at the continuous blinking of my screen with some random tweets on twitter, liking some funny updates of my friends on facebook and watching friends playing ‘hide-and-seek’ (read: online-offline) on my instant messenger. It made me realise how technology has become an indispensable part of our current lives.

Facebook inquires “What’s on your mind?”
Twitter inquires “What’s happening?”
(Did I miss mentioning Orkut? Probably that’s because it isn’t as addictive as earlier.)

And all we do is form the answers of these inquiries in 420 characters for Facebook and 140 letters for Twitter. It is so strange that we have become compulsive, dependant, habitual slave (read: user) of the social networking sites. They have made sure that we don’t feel it important to catch up with friends over a cup of coffee by constantly helping us update ourselves just by clicking a ‘share’ button. They have made sure that we don’t feel it important to have face-to-face conversations with our friend by providing the chat applications. They have made sure that we don’t find it important anymore to confess about those small, petty things that could make friends laugh when they feel sad and get into serious mode when things aren’t taken seriously.

… And finally the law of Karma catches up taking up the form of ‘loneliness’. 🙂

I wonder how many of us can recollect the days of past when…

1. Coffee was an excuse for everytime we wanted to multiply smallest reasons of our happiness with others and share the sorrows of our near and dear ones.
2. We just needed excuses to meet up with friends just to have conversations and have updates about daily lives of each other.
3. We used to confess the funniest things like having crush on our best friends’ lovers, gossiping about our best friends’ awkward moments, things that we dislike to the person whom we love.

If, TODAY, we are feeling lonely and having nobody to talk to then probably, this is the law of Karma… What goes around.. Comes around.

It is time we think of the times we have meted out bad treatment to the people who treated us good. It is time we think of the times we hoodwinked people when they needed us the most. It is time we think about the blanket of lies we draped on the people who loved us genuinely and without any kind of selfish reasons. It is time we think about the people whose wonderful conversations were enough to charge us up, when we needed them the most but we ignored them at the times of their sorrows. It is time we think to stop fooling with ourselves by toying around with the emotions and feelings who care for us.

If you, as a reader, think that the words written in this post make any sense or bear any authenticity then it is time to get back in touch with those cronies where “coffee” is just an excuse to catch up and have “conversations” about the happenings in each others’ lives or serving them with “confessions” where we went wrong.. It’s time you churn out your own ideas to put an emphasis on “coffee, conversations and confessions” and let “Karma” do rest of the job.

As for me… I have already had a good dose of Koffee, Konversations, Karma and Konfessions. 🙂