Ravana: The Next God of Jains

Hi there… Day 3 of the usual vomiting of thoughts on this little rented laptop… hahaha… I pity on the owner of this laptop who’ll chase me for my blood, when he reads this…

On a serious note, I am sorry for writing only about Jainism nowadays. No hard feelings or no special reasons or vested interests behind it… Its just because this topic creates much more interest nowadays among the readers of this not-so-famous blog….

By the way, its the 6th day of the festival. Looking at the Mahavir Jayanti festival in my area was sure a visual treat for me… While the devotional songs and dances were an icing on the cake, what shocked me most was a truth that was hidden beneath the heaps of time… Did you know that Ravana is going to be one of the next 24 Tirthankars of Jainism?

Now the one who reads this may find it rubbish, but contrary, I am feeling amazed by this revelation. The story goes like this that Ravana was not a bad guy at heart. As a king, he took care of his subjects. He handled his kingdom quite well. He was well versed with the knowledge in religious books. In fact, he was a person who liked peace. He was the one of the biggest bhakts of Lord Munisuvrath Swami and Lord Shantinath. He would religiously follow the principles of Jainism and sing and dance in the name of the God…

One such day, he was playing veena and his wife Mandodari was dancing on his devotional songs to please the Lord. Ravana was so engrossed in his bhakti that one of the strings of his veena broke… At once, Ravana tore his thigh and pulled out one of his nerves and attached it to the broken string of his veena. The pain was immense but it seemed to be smaller against the happiness that he was getting from sings the praises of his Lord….

Impressed by Ravana’s devotion, Lord descended and blessed him with a boon that he was going to be one of the 24 Tirthankars of Jainism…

So why did Ravana commit the biggest crime of the history by kidnapping Mother Sita? Why did he choose to become a villain in the eyes of the people of the future? Well… The story goes like this…

Ravana had asked a Rishi (sage) about the cause of his death. The sage replied that he shall die at the hands of a God who was also known as one of the masters of this universe, for kidnapping His wife. Ravana was pained by this and prayed to God to stop him from committing this sin. But what was written… was written… It was written and the rest is history. Hardly anybody knows that God himself had come to free Ravana in his that birth…

It’s said that Ravana is somewhere around us.. Nobody knows in which avatar is he, but one thing is sure, he is washing his past karmas so that he could be good and free himself from the cycle of birth and death…

What I found interesting was, if a person like Ravana can be so great in his devotions then why can’t we? It’s necessary for the present generation to stop the wayward people from stranding away from the path of virtue, religion and God…

Peace, Poetry and Power

Bhavin Shah (Beeba)


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  1. Sam Narayan

    In ancient times, India was divided into many kingdoms, as many as 598 kingdoms. Many of these kingdoms were ruled by kings who considered themselves as god or god-like as many of them were worshipped by their subjects.
    Now, if one reviewed the Ramayana written by Valmiki depicting two central characters : Rama and Ravana, one must ask where did this famous poet and sage, who penned one of India’s greatest epic stories, obtained his records. No where is it stated in Ramayana or any other historical records that the poet Valmiki was part of the Rama-Laksmana entourage into South India, where Rama was supposedly sent at the wishes of one of his father ‘s wives.

    In other earlier Vedic literature, the names of the characters, Rama, Sita, Raja Dasharatha, Vashista Muni are known to be older than the Valmiki Ramayana. The birth of Rama dates back to 5115 BCE while the Ramayana was written approximately during 500 BC and therefore, could not have given an accurate account of the events of the true motives of Rama trip to the South, a long way from Ayodhya

    Ayodhya is located on the right bank of the river Sarayu, 6 km from today’s Faizabadas.. This town is closely associated with Rama when his father Dashratha rule this small kingdom of less than 5.0 square miles in size,.

    According to the Ramayana, the city is 9,000 years old.. Other sources hold the view that it was founded by its namesake, King Ayudh. However, a king Dashratha with three jealous wives and four sons, a small Ayodhya could have hardly provided enough room, space for four future kings.As the Chinese would put it, there can only be one tiger on every hill. Therefore, was it possible and logical to think that Raja Dashratha had drawn up a master plan to find space for his boys? Yes! Its logical to think as there are so many chronological discrepancies in the Ramayana….

    For example, modern man evolved more than a million years ago. To convince any high school kids today that in India 7000 years ago there were people still carrying tails like a monkey and has hairy bodies, would be a huge task! It’s mentioned in Ramayana that there was a strong monkey king who was very loyal to Rama and who helped Rama to destroyed an evil King and his name was Hanuman. Was Hanuman a monkey king as stated in the Ramayana? Was Ravana a demon king who drew blood from his subjects? It sounds the same when one of my Jewish friends the stories of Noah’s Ark and Moses threw a pole in the sea of Galilee to separate the water to cross his people to the promise land.

    Well, the story of Ravana is more than what one read in the Ramayana. The Mahavelli Dam project in Srilanka in the early 1970’s unearthed some vital evidence that Ravana had other ambitions than kidnapping Prince’s wife. He had sail ships and was trading with the Arabs in the Gulf.. Ravana had already established relationships in the Malayan Peninsula, in trade and cultural exchanges. Southern architecture could be found in Laos, Burma and Cambodia since ancient times.

    Was Rama-Laksmana adventure in the South to spy on Ravana and consolidated other kings in the regions of once fragmented India into a force to topple this great and powerful king, Ravana?

    Let’s open a debate..

    Sam Narayan

  2. Sam Narayan

    I like your FACTORY OF THOUGHTS! Great

    • I don’ t know that Ravana was a very devotious king Only it was the reason to die in the hands of god Ram It was also a truth that Ravana us going to Tirthankar of Jains in Future

  3. Ravana, a very Religious King in this world. 24th Tirthankar of Jains in future it is very proud

  4. prashanna jain


    I think Hanuman ji was human and a “vanar” which means ” van” + “nar” = ” forest” + “man”. They might worship monkeys as they are “van nar” too . Some ancient trditions worship animals. So, might be, in those days people copied animal like behaviour for living in forest. All humans who lived in kiskindha forest area and living like “vanars” were called “vanars/Monkeys” in sanskrit.

  5. mike shah

    which Future Tirthankar would be Raavanaji’s role ?

    • Bipin jain

      In mahavideh kshtra the next 1st trinthakara

  6. Rohit


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