Mahavir Jayanti

Hello there… Day 2 of blogging… Day 5 of Paryushan or Pajushan… And most importantly it’s Mahavir Jayanti today. Wow!

There are some funny stuffs that I would share on this holy day… Or should I say holiday? Nah! I’m still working like a jackass at my office. So coming back to this day….

When I was a small boy, I was excited about this day because I used to get new clothes to wear.

When I grew up a bit, I was excited about this day because I used to get gifts from the temple.

As I grew up, my interests for the new clothes and gift wore off but I was still excited about this day because I used to get laddoos (yummy) as a prasad from the temple.

Now at the present day, the excitement about these materialistic stuffs have worn off. But what excites me today are the decorations of God and the style of celebrations with great pomp… Man! It’s just a dream come true to look at the God who simply sits on His throne as a King and He’s actually smiling at His devotees.

What I realised today is… Miss out any damn day of the year but not this year where you see the King Himself giving blessings to His Devotees.

Ya.. Ya.. I know… I’m contradicting my views of yesterday and today… I would like to clarify that I stood by my words yesterday and I stand by my words today too… All I hate is the ‘commercialization’ of religion… And of course the way that any religion is preached by people… Oh come on guys! Give us some break… Let our sole object in religion be to cleanse ourselvesfrom the sins that we commit every moments… And not the other objects like commercializing and taking money in the name of donations and wasting it somewhere else. Also let our object not be preaching about the religion in a wrong way… According to me, negative preaching attracts negative approach towards the religion. And lets not mix politics with religion… Please… Give a break….

That’s Bugs signing off today… Chao!

Mera Naam Bhavin

It’s the first day of my blogging and I am finding myself the same way as a villager finds himself in a city. I am completely new to this arena of blogging. I love writing and thus blogging is the best option where I can vomit out the words that are stuck in my mind. I hate being repetitive so I hope the one who reads this blog can check my profile to know about me and my interests. I believe in honesty. And I shall be honest in my writings too.

Life is absolutely rocking. Today is the 4th day of the Jain Festival Paryushan or Pajushan. And I have just broken my fasting today. My viewpoint about the religion has changed drastically today. I mean yesterday it was something else and today it is something else. I find myself in a very confusing and a funny position today, when I look at religion. Just finding myself at crossroads today. I mean, does religion means the same as it was yesterday?

I may attract the wrath of many readers and writers through this blog. But I guess, I am ready for it. What everyone need to ask themselves is, are their viewpoints about the religion the same as earlier or are the viewpoint full of contradictions? To be honest, I compare myself to a flame of candle flickering to survive from a rush of wind.